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Make sure you know how to play casino games

Every game you choose to try has rules you can access beforehand. You should do so, as well, because they'll help you figure out how to play the casino game you have accessed. Not all slots are identical, for example - some have bonus features you may never have seen before. The rules of the game are your first stop - then you can get on with enjoying the game itself.

Casino games and rules: Make sure you always read the rules first

Just a reminder! This is vital if you want to know just how your selected game will pan out, even if you don't access all its features. Knowing how to place bets, which options are available during play, and so on - all these things are important.

What are the best and worst odds offered on casino games?

Odds refer to the odds that exist to scoop a prize while playing a game. The better the odds are for you, the better your chances are of picking up a prize. We suggest looking at the RTP of a game before you play it. This is the return to player value, shown as a percentage, but you should know it doesn't refer to a game session. It is calculated over the life of the game, which could run for years. That said, the higher the RTP, the better that is. It means the casino takes less of a cut than it otherwise would.

Which casino games offer you the best chance of winning prizes?

Look for games with a good RTP to start with. Following that, look for one with low volatility levels. The lower the volatility level, the more often that game should pay out prizes. Those prizes may be of lower value, but you should stand a better chance of getting them more often.

Where does the best player advantage lie when playing casino games?

Player advantage is an important factor, and it ties in with the RTP of a game along with the volatility level. However, you should also take care to choose games you're going to enjoy. If blackjack offered the best advantage to you, yet you hated playing it, we wouldn't recommend it!

Why is the demo play option so popular for casino games?

Lots of players read about casino games to find out more about them. However, you can never get the full impression of a game until you play it. You wouldn't likely spend money on it until you knew for sure you would like it, right? The demo gives you the chance to check it out and see what you think before progressing to the real version.

Does everyone play casino games for real money?

Would it surprise you if we said no? Many people do, of course, but some are happy to stay with the demo versions of their favorite casino games. This is especially true of slot games, which can be very entertaining to play on their own. If you would rather stick to the demos, there is no reason not to do so.

Don't miss the most popular casino games for mobile devices

While everyone used to be limited to playing these games on their computers, the powerful software hidden inside smartphones and tablets has led to greater and easier access to those same games. Nowadays, most new releases are designed to play on all platforms, with tablets and smartphones included in that.

The most popular games are therefore the modern ones that work on all devices. The controls are altered to make sure you get a full-size game screen to work with, without the need for anything cluttering up the screen. Try it and see how you like it - we think you'll be impressed.

Do you need to download casino games for PCs?

It depends on which casino you visit. Some offer instant play and a downloadable option if you'd rather have their full casino client on your computer. Downloading their free software might mean you get access to more games. It depends on the games offered and on which software developers the casino has an association with. This is worth checking before you decide which route to take.

That said, instant play casinos are very popular and do not require any downloads for PC. The games work with your browser, so you just need to pick one and wait a few seconds for the game to begin. It means you can switch between computers if you need to. All you need is your casino login to enjoy the Flash or instant play games.

How common is a casino games app?

Perhaps not as common as you think. Some casinos do offer a free app to download, although they may only have one for Android or iOS (some might offer an app for each platform). These days, though, it's more common to be able to visit a mobile casino on your device simply by using the mobile browser. For minimal hassle and delay, this is a great method to use. You won't need to worry about updating any apps either.