Sevens and Stripes Slots

Sevens and Stripes doesn't seem to suggest much from the title alone, and yet it tells you plenty about this game. If you're not sure what to expect yet, don't worry - we'll give you the chance to discover more about the game as we go through each portion of our review here. Come with us as we learn about the promise in the game.

Can we trust in a reliable developer here?

Yes - the game is one of many created by Realtime Gaming, so you're in good hands for sure with RTG.

Look for the demo first

The game does come with an alternative to the real thing, giving you a chance to play with demo coins to get a feel for it without risking any real funds.

Have you worked out the theme?

There are some sevens of various colors throughout the game, so that makes sense of the first part. However, you'll easily see the red, white, and blue throughout the game as well, along with what looks like some flags behind the reels. So, it all gets a bit patriotic, we guess.

A simple yet striking design

This is one of the most appealing parts of the game. Everything looks big and with the red, white, and blue colors going through it all, you can certainly appreciate its eye-catching nature. The Sevens and Stripes slot game (you might also see this named 7s and Stripes, although the word sevens appears in the title) certainly does simplicity well.

How to play the Sevens and Stripes slot

You may by now have guessed that the game is basic, offering only three reels to spin. You won't find any wilds, nor any special icons anywhere in this game either. But there is a progressive jackpot, shown between the title and the top of the reels.

Paylines in action

We should say payline as there is just one in action here.

Are you ready to make some bets?

Look through the coins before you make any wagers, even on the demo game. They start at five cents apiece, going through a few other values before reaching $5 apiece.

You can also play one, two, or three coins on the line. Make sure you view the paytable to see which column of prizes would apply for your chosen coin quantity. The progressive can only be won with the correct trigger while playing three coins.

Paytable access and where to find it

Unlike some other three-reel slots, you won't find the paytable on the same screen as the game itself. Instead, you need to click or tap on the PAY TABLE icon underneath the reels to reach it.

No bonuses to find in Sevens and Stripes

This slot game doesn't involve any bonuses.

How about free spins?

No, these don't crop up either.

Any details on the RTP value?

No, but you often have two for a progressive slot - one for the base game and a slightly higher one overall when you consider the progressive prize as well. We guess this one would be the same, but we cannot find firm evidence of that anywhere.

Our rating for Sevens and Stripes

It is worth six points out of 10, mainly for the presentation and the progressive prize. Other than that, there's nothing here that would warrant the score going any higher.

How much could the jackpot grow to?

It's impossible to say, really. However, we know it can reach impressive amounts as the minimum spin wager is higher than any penny slot would offer. This means more goes into the progressive jackpot fund with each real spin. You need three sevens of red, white, and blue - in that order - to get the pot.

Play the demo if you can

And you should be able to if you find this game at any casino offering RTG slots.

The real version awaits you as well

It does, and you can certainly find this game at any reputable RTG casino if you sign up to one of them, ideally with a welcome bonus in tow.

What about some mobile play?

Yes, you've got this option available on smartphones and tablets as well.