Frog Fortunes Slots

Frog Fortunes is a nice title, but does it lead us to a slot game filled with prizes and potential? That is what we're asking here, and we can confirm that we have the answer. Of course, some may love this slot while others may go elsewhere for a different game to play. You can decide which group you fall into once you've read what we have got for you in our review of Frog Fortunes slots.

The developer revealed

We can confirm the game comes from RTG, whose proper name is Realtime Gaming.

Demo accessibility

You would expect to get a demo version of the game from RTG, since they are well known for doing this. We're delighted to say you can play the practice version first if you like.

A wild theme is in action here

Where do we find ourselves as the game begins? The golden frog sits on a disc which made us think of a temple, even though there isn't one of those in sight. We do get lots of greenery though, so we are obviously inside a forest of some sort.

Design elements in Frog Fortunes

The game offers one of the best recent designs to come out of RTG in our opinion. There are some cool touches here, with lots of detail and a reel design that is a bit different from the standard one you'd see.

How to start playing the Frog Fortunes slot game

The game has five reels and three symbols on each one, but those symbols are all hexagonal. This means the game screen looks different, although it works identically to all other 5 x 3 games. We soon realized there were no jackpots in this game - no progressive ones, anyway.

Another thing you won't see here is a wild symbol. There is one special symbol to look for during the game, and this is a bomb. As it is connected to the game's special feature, we'll explain more about it shortly.

Paylines don't feature in Frog Fortunes

That means there are 243 potential ways to find prizes, as per the 5 x 3 format.

Bets to choose from

The range goes from a quarter to $6.25, with one bet placed per spin covering all those 243 ways.

Is it worth checking out the paytable?

Absolutely, and you simply need to scroll to see it all once you have gone through to it using the familiar info button in the bottom left corner of the game screen.

Bonus bombs begin…

Here we go with the feature in Frog Fortunes. On some spins, once the reels stop, a bomb might turn up. That sounds like a bad thing, especially as the bomb explodes, but the explosion is going to take out some other icons on the screen.

The paytable reveals 10 potential patterns to the explosion. One is randomly selected to occur, so you need to watch and see how it pans out. All selected symbols are taken out and substituted with a randomly chosen icon - the same one in all the vacated spots. While no prizes are ever guaranteed by this feature, having the same symbol appearing in several positions does increase the chances of getting something.

If you do receive a prize, the winning icons are removed and replaced with the ones from above. The vacated spots are then filled with new ones, and this can carry on if new prizes are found.

Does that mean there are no free spins available?

You guessed it - no freebies in this game.

RTP details for Frog Fortunes

As with other games from this developer, you won't get an accurate RTP for this one, although some sites have pegged it at between 95% and 96%.

Is this one of our favorite RTG slots?

We'll award this one 8/10, as the bomb feature is worthwhile and any spin could see this occurring. We'd like to see a wild though - we missed that.

No big prizes available in this one

The most you can hope for is 150x your bet, which is far lower than many slots. However, this is a low volatility title, which explains how that works.

Start by loading the demo today

If you want to see how those explosions work, load the demo and spin a few times until you get one. You can then see whether you like the idea enough to play the real thing.

Play for real from a quarter per spin

If that works fine for your budget, you might find this slot game a good one to add to your favorites.

Mobile action in Frog Fortunes

Yep, you can spot the frog on your smartphone or tablet too, using Android or iOS.