Scuba Fishing Slots

Don't worry, you don't need any scuba experience for this one. We are going to play the Scuba Fishing online slot game, offering you the chance to see beneath the waves to find out what is happening there. With treasure chests, various fish, and plenty of activity to discover, who knows where it all might lead?

Which developer came up with this bubbly delight?

This is another impressive title from Realtime Gaming.

So, that means we can see a demo version, right?

Yes, in common with all other RTG slots we have seen so far, there is a practice version to try alongside the real one.

The scuba diving theme works well

It is the only time we can think of where a scuba diver appears in a slot game and is keen to get involved in the action, too.

Does this win prizes for the design?

Not in terms of an actual prize, although we suspect it has won over many players looking for a different spin on the usual slot game. You really do feel as if you're underneath the waves, and the movement, bubbles, and other features all contribute to this feeling.

How to play the Scuba Fishing slot game

Three reels appear on the screen, although they look far from being actual reels. You can see where they are as a steady stream of bubbles rises between them. Three symbols appear on each reel, most of which move as they're either fish or other creatures from the deep.

If you wondered whether the Great White shark might turn up as a wild, as it has in lots of other slots with similar themes, well done… you figured that bit out. This replaces everything else in action.

How many paylines in Scuba Fishing?

None, but don't worry because they give you the chance to land prizes in every possible way, which means 27 ways over the 3 x 3 format in action.

How much does it cost to play?

You've got a 20-cent bet as the lowest one you can use. There are many others as well, rising to a maximum of $20.

Explore the paytable

This tells you more about how the game works, with the chance to read through the rules for the slot before you play.

No bonus in this game

Not much else we can say about that topic.

No free spins… but you could earn a respin

If you can get three wild sharks on the center reel, you'll see a full height shark wild there. This stays where it is, and you'll receive a free respin. Not just any respin though… the game selects one of the other symbols to appear on the reels for the respin. You'll only see this symbol and blank spaces. You then get the respin and find out whether you can receive one or more prizes based around the wild reel and the other selected symbol.

We cannot find evidence of a firm RTP

It will have a specific return to player rating, of course, but this doesn't appear in the paytable.

Our rating for the Scuba Fishing slot game

This is a superb game, offering lots of potential and a wonderful presentation that looks beautiful. We are giving it 8/10.

What's the most you could net in prizes?

There are no progressive jackpots in the game, but the paytable tells you the return you could get for finding three of a kind combos of various fish and creatures. The biggest one looks like a swordfish - we think… and that means receiving 200x your bet.

The demo is the ideal starting point

Get your feet wet by loading the practice version of Scuba Fishing, so you can see what you think of it. You're then able to quit out or try the real thing if you are ready for it.

Check your bets before you play for real

This isn't a penny slot, so you need to be certain the 20-cent starting bet is right for you and your budget before launching into the real version.

You can dive in on your smartphone or tablet too

It looks just as stunning on a smaller screen, so Android or iOS users are going to like this one as well.