The Big Heist Slots

This sounds like it could be a big slot game to play, but what does the big part suggest? Is it big on reels, action, prizes, or all of these and more? We checked out The Big Heist slot game to find out the answers to all these questions. We're going to reveal all to you right here.

Who is the developer for this game?

This is another game in the increasingly vast collection from Realtime Gaming.

Does that mean we can play a demo?

You should find you can access the demo version if you find this game at a casino running on RTG software.

Does it have an obvious bank heist theme?

It does, and this is confirmed by the appearance of pistols, sunglasses, and… donuts on the reels!

Expect a basic design for this one

Some slot games give you a modern and slick edge, but this isn't one of them. Check it out and you'll see a few bright colors there, but there isn't anything notable about the design.

How to play The Big Heist slot game

This only has three reels, so you'll see a basic one-armed bandit appearance as you load the game. There is only one crucial symbol to look for aside from the regular ones in action here - a safe dial. Read on to find out how the game factors into the action. You do also get a progressive jackpot here, shown above the reels.

How many paylines?

Just the one.

Is this an affordable game to try?

If you decide to play the real version of The Big Heist, you can play from five cents

per coin. The paytable confirms that you can play one, two, or three coins on each spin. The most expensive coin to use is worth five dollars.

The paytable appears on the same screen as the reels

You'll see it above the reels, so it is always in view.

The game includes a bonus

It does, and you need to find the safe dial on the reels during the game to progress toward it. Just to the right of the paytable, you'll see a safe counter. Whenever you find a dial on the reels, the game adds it to the counter. Reach 50 and you'll go into the bonus round. The game doesn't reveal details of this. However, you can also get there by finding three safe dials on the reels in a single spin. This would give you 10x the bonus from the round, so it is the better way to find it if you can.

No free spins available

They're rare for three-reel slots and they don't appear in this game.

RTP unknown

This is usual for RTG slot games.

Our rating for The Big Heist

It's a super three-reel game with a twist, and we like that. We would prefer to see a wild in action too, but it certainly has lots to treat you to. Worth a score of 6.5 out of 10, we think.

How can you scoop the progressive jackpot?

Find three police shields on the payline while playing three coins and the progressive is yours… of course, it's not quite that simple, as it is the unlikeliest combo to occur!

Play the demo to see what happens

This is the best way to work out how long it might take to collect the 50 dials to access the bonus. We'd love to know what happens next in that round, but we never managed to reach it.

Try the real thing from five cents per coin

The best bet is to play three coins, of course, so make sure you're prepared for a 15-cent minimum wager if you take this route.

Can you try this one on mobile devices?

Find The Big Heist at RTG casinos today and see if you can access it in their mobile sites as well as the regular ones.