Three Stooges II Slots

This is a sequel to the original slot game, but there is no need to return to that or play it if you didn't catch it the first time. We are reviewing The Three Stooges II here, and you can indeed play it on its own merits. It has plenty to commend it too, so we're going to get straight into the action with some facts and features for you here.

Which game studio does this come from?

If you know that the original slot was developed by RTG, you'll guess this one was too. The name Realtime Gaming means we're in strong hands here.

Demo access

You should find this as an option at all RTG casinos featuring this game, so you're free to try it without making proper wagers using your own funds.

A comedy theme in action here

The Three Stooges were famous, of course, in their time, making many comedy movies based on all kinds of ideas.

Plenty to look at in the design

If you have played a few of the older games in the RTG collection, you might recognize the format used for this one. That's not an issue though - it gives the slot a certain reliable appearance. You can also expect the Stooges to appear on the reels, along with a clapperboard, some cherries, an old car, and plenty more icons as well.

How to play The Three Stooges II slot game

This one only has three reels, but it feels far bigger thanks to three symbols landing on each reel. There are three progressive jackpots spread out above the reels, with two columns of info on either side of them. We'll explain more about those parts of the game shortly.

All three characters appear together with the name of the slot as the wild symbol. Finding one of these in a winning line gets you 3x the usual prize, while two bump this up to 9x the prize amount. The wild subs for all other symbols except for the t

hree feature trigger symbols. We'll talk more about those later.

Payline quantity in Three Stooges II

There are three lines in action, with each one running horizontally across the reels. They're also numbered to make them clear.

Betting on the game

This is far from being a penny slot as the cheapest coin is 10 cents. They also give you a few other coins to choose from, ranging to a dollar at most. You'll only play one coin on each payline.

Make sure you check out the paytable

This has lots of pages, each explaining a separate part of the game. You'll soon see that the slot game is far more complex for a three-reel game than you might believe.

What about some bonus features?

There are three of these, each connected to one of the triggering characters - Moe, Larry, and Curly. Since they all involve free games, we'll cover them all below.

Which round of free spins is best?

Let's see how they work. In each case, you need to find three matching icons - Larry, Curly, or Moe - on the same paid line to unlock the relevant bonus.

Find three of Moe and you'll use Moe's Moolah ladder to the right of the reels. You'll roll a die several times to determine where you land. You'll receive 10 free games at 3x at least, but the biggest prize takes you to 100 freebies plus 10x the usual value of all prizes.

Three of Curly bring you straight to the Curly's Cashola bonus. You don't need to roll a die for this one because you will receive nine games to play at 3x the usual prize amounts. There is a chance to collect an extra free game whenever you find three mixed characters on a paid line.

Finally, three of Larry on a paid line will take you to the Larry's Stash ladder to the left of the reels. This again works with a die roll, giving you a minimum of seven free spins with 2x on all prizes. The best you can hope for is 20 freebies with a bigger 7x multiplier.

No clear return to player details for this game

And that follows the pattern set by all other RTG slots.

Our rating for The Three Stooges II

This must surely be one of the best three-reel slots you'll ever play. Regardless of what you may or may not receive in prizes, you're going to have a sensational time trying this one. We can't think of a reason to score it lower than 10 out of 10. Can you?

How to trigger the biggest progressive jackpot

This is The Three Stooges Jackpot, highlighted in the middle of the game screen. You need to find the wild symbol in each position on one paid line to unlock it. The two smaller jackpots are randomly unlocked at the end of any paid game.

Play the demo to meet the characters

If you manage to unlock the bonus spins or ladders, you'll see how those work too.

Check out the real game as well

It is pricier than some other three-reel slots, but you're going to get more value for your gameplay here, we think. However, do make sure you can stand to bet on all three lines, otherwise the potential to miss out on various prizes is too big.

Will you try this one on mobile as well?

See if you can find it at a mobile-friendly RTG casino today.