King of Swing Slots

When we first spotted the King of Swing slot game title, we thought about jazz - or at least a similar style of music. Turns out we were wrong about that, although we bet you might be too if that's what you were thinking about. Sit tight as you discover the real theme of this online slot and find out what's happening when you get those reels ready to spin.

Developer details to begin with

If we reveal that King of Swing is an earlier title from the minds at Realtime Gaming, that should tell you something about how promising the game might be.

We do also have a chance to try their demo version

Identical to the real one, except you've got demo credits to work with to get a sense of how the game works (and no real prizes, of course), this is a good way to get started.

So, what's happening in this theme?

Rather than being about music, it turns out the King of Swing slot is all about… baseball. Yep, we're talking about swinging a bat and hoping for a home run, which is great for a slot theme for sure, even if it's not quite what we expected.

The design supports the game theme too

There are sacks of peanuts, helmets for those taking part in the game, soft drinks, hotdogs (of course), and even the occasional player. The backdrop is a high vantage point of the playing field, so it all looks brilliant.

How to play the King of Swing slot game

The game comes with the usual set of five reels. You'll also spot a random jackpot sitting above the title, which sits above the third reel. Now to the special icons… there is a pitcher appearing as the wild, and he can turn up on all the reels apart from the fifth one. That said, you've got another wild to spot on reel five, and that's the batter.

We know that baseball includes a ball, of course, and that makes a good choice for the scatter symbol. The amusing thing about this is that the ball comes complete with a face… and it doesn't look too happy about being hit.

A nice quantity of paylines to cover

There are 25 of them here, and those are quite usual for a slot game like this.

King of Swing slots come with a range of coins to look through

The good news is that those coins start from a penny, so there is a quarter bet available if you want to start with that. RTG provides other coin values as well, and the biggest of those is $5.

The link to the paytable is displayed underneath the control area

This gives you lots of information about the game, as you'd expect, and that means you can check out the rules of the game there.

The bonus element tests how good you are at baseball

Sort of, anyway. Read on to find out how your skills might determine what happens next.

There are some free spins to come

With one wild appearing over four reels and the other on the remaining reels, you need to find one of each to unlock the next part of the game. This involves free spins, but before you reach those, you need to see whether you can pitch the ball and reach the first, second, or third base - and ideally get a home run. These outcomes will bring you one, two, three, or four free games to play afterwards. The basic multiplier of 2x can also improve depending on your results. You've got the usual 'three strikes and you're out' format happening here, so remember that. You'll get nine pitches at most, so you need to see how good you are. Once this part finishes, you'll play your spins with your accrued multiplier.

RTP information doesn't come with the game

You might already have worked this out given the creator of the game is RTG.

What's our rating for the King of Swing slot game?

Once we got over the fact that this had nothing to do with jazz or any other musical topic, we loved it. The free spin feature is best of all, especially given that the bonus part beforehand can last for a while before you reach it.

The progressive prize beats anything in the paytable

And it is also obviously the hardest one to scoop, but you can watch out for it to keep rising as you play.

Demo action is never far from reach

You can always check out the demo game to see whether this baseball-themed game is worth trying - we think you'll like it even if you're not a fan of the sport.

Play for real - no baseball skills required

The pitching part of the free spin round is cool, but you don't really need any proper skills to play this game. With the 25-cent minimum playable amount if you're playing all those lines, there's a lot to think about before you play the real thing.

Can you spot this game at mobile casinos?

We know this is an older game, but we also know RTG has been hard at work upgrading lots of older titles to play on mobile sites as well.