Pharaoh's Gold Slots

That is the major question, of course, and while we're not expecting gold bars, we do wonder whether the Pharaoh's Gold slot game might give us access to some decent coin prizes.

We're here to give you the answers to this one, as we have already played the slot, so we know what's in store and what you may discover if you choose to venture into these ancient lands…

Who is the developer?

This is a slot game created by RTG, or if you prefer, Realtime Gaming. Either way, it's been around for a bit, but we think it still has plenty to offer.

Can you play a demo?

You should be able to wherever you see the game, and this is going to be in an RTG-powered casino. You'll find lots of those around online.

We guess you can work out the theme

We are headed to ancient Egypt for this one… or to Egypt anyway, as there are camels, palm trees, pyramids, and all the usual elements you'll see in games on this topic.

Does this boast an excellent design?

It's an older game and therefore has a more basic design. The presence of a handle on the right of the screen tells us the creators have based it on the traditional slot machine appearance.

How to play Pharaoh's Gold slots

Expect three reels from this one, instantly viewable when you load the game. There is a progressive jackpot too, appearing just above the reels. Look for the Egyptian eye symbol if you can, as this is the game's wild symbol.

Paylines and how to play them

There are three lines here, and you can choose whether to play the middle line, the middle and upper lines, or all three lines.

Place those bets

This isn't a penny slot, so check the coin values carefully to find one that makes sense to use. The best approach is to play all three lines as well, so make sure you consider this element.

You'll see the paytable above the reels

Three-reel slots usually display the paytable on the same screen, and that's true of this one as well.

No bonus… but there is a progressive jackpot

Yes, we mentioned this above, but we should say that you must play all three lines to stand a chance of getting it. The successful combination must land on the third line to trigger the progressive. If it lands on either of the other two lines, you'll score the top coin prize instead of 50x your bet.

Free spins don't feature here

You may not have expected them anyway in a three-reel game.

RTP unknown

As with modern games from Realtime Gaming, the return to player percentage here is unknown.

Our rating for the Pharaoh's Gold slot game

This is a decent three-reel game, but you should be prepared to cover all the lines to stand a chance of scoring that jackpot. Of course, you could land other prizes on that line instead. We can give it 6/10 as it doesn't have enough involved to get any higher than that.

How much could that jackpot be worth?

Check its value when you sit down to play this game, just so you have an idea of what to expect. It may not reach levels you could see in other progressive games, simply because it's not one of RTG's most popular slots.

Demo action on the reels of Pharaoh's Gold

If you can find it and take it for a practice spin first, we recommend you do so. It gives you an idea of what it is like to play, and whether you'd commit some of your budget to play for real.

Many RTG casinos offer the real version

This might be worth checking out if you fancy playing the game. We haven't seen it in all casinos but it's out there…

Mobile action

You may not always find this in a mobile casino, although RTG has been working hard at bringing its entire collection of slots up to date for all devices and software.