Lucky Last Slots

If you play an online slot game, you'd hope for some good fortune while playing it. So, is that the idea behind the Lucky Last slot or does the title mean something else? We have dug deep here to bring you a series of facts about this game, so if you've seen it and you've yet to play, spend a few moments with us as we guide you through its features.

Developer details for Lucky Last slots

This one is another older title in the collection owned and offered by Realtime Gaming.

Relax as you can always try the demo to find out more

There is a lot to find out about this game, and while you might guess how it pans out in terms of the theme, you can try it fully by opting to play the demo with the practice credits included.

The theme offers some familiar aspects

Good fortune does indeed feature in this slot, but Lucky Last also heads into Irish territory to make the most of that.

The design also does a fine job of supporting the theme

This is the way it should be, and in this case, you can watch out for all manner of lucky charms to land on the reels. A four-leaf clover and a horseshoe are among them. Expect other traditional elements to appear as well, including the famous pot of gold and the rainbow it is supposed to sit at the end of.

Are you ready to find out more about Lucky Last?

This is a standard five-reel game, but it does come with two progressive jackpot amounts. It also has two wilds to hunt down, one landing on the first reel only and the other landing just on the fifth reel. Both are gold coins, but each bears a different word. If you thought that one might say LUCKY while the other says LAST, you got that spot on.

You can also stay alert for the famous shamrock, as this appears in the scatter role and can appear anywhere.

Paylines available to play in Lucky Last slots

You'll have 25 lines to play on here. The traditional method of marking the numbers on the outside of the reels is in play too.

You can play this one as a penny slot game if you like

Yes, it's possible to play everything at a quarter per spin. Other coins are provided if you have the capacity to play more. This means the high rollers can reach $5 per coin if they wish.

Paytable information for this game

Accessing it is easy enough, and you'll learn much more about the game if you check it out. While we are providing you with lots of details here, we think you'll benefit from reading that as well.

Zero bonus potential in this slot

We cannot add anything else to that, really.

There is a chance to pick up some free spins though

It's usually the scatter that needs to trigger these, but with those LUCKY and LAST coins in play, you can work out why there is an alternative trigger in this game. Find a wild on reels one and five simultaneously and you'll receive seven free games.

These play out much the same as the base game, but if you can find a further two coins to match the original trigger, you'll get another seven games to play.

RTP details do not appear anywhere in the game

You might find them at the casino you intend to play this game at, so we'd suggest checking out that possibility before you play.

Is Lucky Last a great game to try?

It's a solid title, although we still think the Last part of the name is a little odd. That said, the game represents the theme well enough and offers a few elements that set it apart from others. There's nothing much to elevate our score above 7/10 though.

The progressives appear to have random unknown triggers

Many games from this developer can drop a jackpot following any paid spin. We suspect there might be a specific combination required on the reels to do this, but there is no way of telling.

Try the game with the aid of their demo coins

You'll see how those wilds can be useful to find, while experiencing other aspects of the slot as well.

Will that experience be enough to lead you into playing for real?

It may be, but only you will find out and know for sure once you check it out.

You might also spot this slot in a mobile casino

Check this before you play if you are keen to try Lucky Last on a mobile device. Some casinos do not have the full range of RTG slots in their mobile site.