Mystic Dragon Slots

Dragons roar into life across all kinds of slot games, so it's never surprising to see yet another title featuring one of these creatures. The Mystic Dragon slot game confirms the presence of the beast in the title, but there is much more we can find out about this game, as you'll shortly see.

Game studio details for Mystic Dragon

This seems an ideal place to begin, and the answer to which studio is in action here is Realtime Gaming (RTG).

It comes with a practice game as well

There is no need to go straight to the real version if you would like to know more about this game. Just load the demo and you'll find lots of inbuilt credits to use to start you off.

Is this about a dragon or is there something more involved?

We'd say this is a George and the Dragon story, as there is a knight dressed in armor wielding a shield that bears the red cross of England on it.

The game has a striking design to share

We should say that this slot has been around for some time now, so if you recall the older format used throughout lots of RTG games, you'll know roughly what to expect here. That said, even the lower-valued letters and numbers sparkle in a variety of colors.

Let's dive in and spin the reels of the Mystic Dragon slot game

This is a five-reel game that includes a random progressive jackpot positioned above the reels. It also features the dragon as a wild symbol. It can only land on reels two, three, and four, but when it does, it brings a 2x multiplier into play. Meanwhile, the scatter symbol is the volcano that occasionally pops up in view.

The game offers adjustable paylines

The Mystic Dragon slot has 25 of these, but do remember that if you don't play them all, you'll miss prizes that might land on the lines you don't bet on.

How much does your bet need to be to play this game?

If you're looking at the line bet, you can go as low as one cent with this one. It's possible to choose from a few other values as well, with the biggest being 25 cents.

Paytable details for Mystic Dragon

These are simple enough to access, and that's something we suggest you do if you're new to the game.

There are no bonus elements to find in this slot game

Sadly, the game plays out without any second screen bonus potential.

Can you find any free spins inside that volcano?

Well, maybe not inside it, but you can receive some if you get three or more volcanos appearing on the reels at once. The smallest quantity you can get is five spins, but there is a chance you might land up to 100 of them.

The dragon wild is present during the free spins, but this time it can turn up as a grouped wild. This may not always happen, but if it does, it improves your odds of spotting one or more successful combinations on the reels.

RTP details do not appear with the game

You'll need to find out more at the casino if you are keen to know the value before you start playing.

What did we think of the Mystic Dragon?

It's a solid enough slot to play, although its age does let it down a little, especially when you've seen some of the modern releases from this developer. It still plays out as a solid game though, especially if you like slots with free spins. We are giving it 7/10 in this review.

What are the odds of scooping the random jackpot?

Pretty long, as you might guess. However, the paytable reveals another prize that could reach 20,000x your bet - but you'll need to look for the knight, the dragon, and a wild as shown in the paytable to do that.

Entertainment comes from the demo game

This is the ideal way to see how the game works before committing any real coins to playing it.

Check out the real version if you are keen to devote some real coins to those lines

This is a good slot to play, if traditional and formulaic, but it will certainly suit some to play.

See if you can spot it in mobile casinos

Modern casinos usually work fine on mobile devices, so there is every chance you can go in search of this dragon on those sites as well.