Paris Beauty Slots

We're sure you know a thing or two about Paris. It is supposed to be the City of Romance, but it's also home to many famous sights. Will any of those crop up in the Paris Beauty slot game? It's time to figure out what's happening in this slot, and whether it's one you might want to play.

Who came up with the idea behind Paris Beauty?

The team working behind the scenes at Realtime Gaming came up with this one.

You do get access to a practice version

If you're not sure whether this slot is right for you, load the practice one to play it with some demo coins first.

The theme isn't quite what you might think it is

We are indeed in Paris for this slot, but the beauty part of the title refers to a woman. It seems we have an artist who hopes to create a portrait of her.

There are many other classic symbols in this slot too

Apart from the artist himself, you can spot the paint palette on the reels as you play. There's also a croissant and a few famous landmarks to spot. The design is quite basic, but it proves the age of the game.

Here's how you can play Paris Beauty slots

The standard five-by-three format is in play here, offering a random jackpot. Keep track of the current prize amount above the middle reel.

The beauty being painted is the wild here, offering a 3x boost whenever she appears in a winning line. The only symbol she cannot replace is the scatter, as you might guess - and this is the famous Eiffel Tower.

How many lines can you bet on?

The game offers 20 paylines.

Consider the betting range for Paris Beauty slots too

This is certainly an important area to cover, as it helps you work out whether you can afford to play if you change over to the real thing. The coins vary from a penny apiece to $5, and you will play one coin per line. Covering all those lines will therefore cost a minimum of 20 cents per spin.

Plenty of information to read inside the paytable

This is where you'll spot all the prize amounts and icons, giving you a better sense of what's involved before you begin to play.

There are no bonus rounds in this slot game

As much as we love them, there are no such rounds to play in this slot.

Here's how you can trigger some free spins in Paris Beauty

Look for three instances of the Eiffel Tower landing anywhere. This combo will bring you 12 free spins with a 2x multiplier.

However, these games are perked up by adding the chance of some respins. You can get these whenever a free spin leads to two or more of the scattered Eiffel Towers. It means your initial 12 free games can be expanded with respins.

The creator has not offered an RTP for Paris Beauty slots

This doesn't mean there isn't one - just that they do not list it in the paytable. You might see it at the casino you decide to play at though.

What do we think of the Paris Beauty slot game?

We'd love to write this bit in French, but we're not that good at it. So, we'll refrain from embarrassing ourselves and give it a 7/10 score. This is an older title and it does look it - we cannot help but feel a modern makeover would release the huge potential this slot still has.

How high might the jackpot go?

It's impossible to tell, but we believe some of the modern RTG slots are going to reach higher amounts than this one. With an older format, appearance, and other features, fewer players are going to discover and play Paris Beauty.

Get underway with some practice spins

This is the best way to determine whether the slot is good enough for you to play for a while. It still has a certain charm, despite its age and simpler graphics.

Expect a minimum 20-cent wager on the real thing

A stint on the demo will let you know how long that budget might last. Never go beyond your budget - the amount you should be content to lose if that's how things go.

Can you find this at mobile casinos as well?

Check any casino you visit that has games from this developer. It's best to do this first if you're thinking about playing this way. You can certainly play it on a regular computer though.