Roberta's Castle Slots

It never takes that long to find a slot game that includes a castle. However, these slots often take on a dramatic storyline, with battles and even occasionally dragons coming into play. The Roberta's Castle slot game is a little different, thankfully, and we doubt you'll want to miss it. Without further delay, read on to find out just why we love this one.

Developer details for Roberta's Castle

This is a solid effort from Realtime Gaming, also recognized by the letters RTG.

Expect the chance to try the demo first

We prefer slots that offer a demo, as they're easier to access to find out just what the game is like. We are delighted to reveal you can try this one first as well.

Does the castle represent the theme?

Sort of, but there is a lot of hair involved too. Are you confused? There's no need to be because this slot game is based on the famous story of Rapunzel.

The design makes the most of the fairytale story

Braids of hair, beautiful clouds that never threaten rain, and plenty of pastel shades all combine to make Roberta's Castle a pleasant place to be. It's hard not to smile when you see this one.

Let's begin with a few basic details about the Roberta's Castle slot

You've got a five-reel slot in action here, but the creators haven't made any room for any progressive jackpots. All good slots based on fairytales should have a prince involved, and we know there is one in this story. He appears as the wild, bringing a 2x multiplier along for the ride too. The castle of the title is used as a scatter symbol, so you can hope to find scatter prizes with its help.

Cover all the available paylines if you can

There are 20 in action, and betting on all of them ensures you won't miss out if a prize lands on a line you didn't bet on.

You can play Roberta's Castle as a penny slot game

This gives you a 20-cent bet for covering all those lines. There are many other coins in play too, with the largest being five dollars. This takes the maximum total bet potential to $100 on a single spin.

Paytable information for Roberta's Castle slots

It's another solid effort from RTG in this category, as they give us information, details, and prize amounts for this slot all in one convenient place.

Don't expect to find any bonus rounds to play

The game doesn't include anything like this, sadly. We would have loved to see a hair plaiting challenge though.

How many free spins can you get?

Three scattered castles appearing in the same spin will trigger 15 games. There is a twist involved here, because the wild prince offers a massive 6x multiplier whenever you find him in a prize combination.

RTP details are kept secret

You might be able to find out what the return to player percentage is for this one if you check at the participating casino you're playing at, though.

Our rating: Does Roberta's Castle hit the spot?

If you like castle-based slots, this one certainly gives you something different to play. We love fairytale themes, and this one is an ideal example of how good they can be. It's a 7/10 title that could have gone higher if they'd used the story to inspire a bonus round.

Look out for the prince in the free spin feature

All the regular prizes can be won during the free games but landing a prince with that 6x multiplier in action will surely boost anything you manage to get in that round.

The demo comes pre-loaded with demo coins too

This is the ideal way to experience the game and to see what you think about it. You're then able to decide whether this might be a good title to play for real for a while.

Real spins begin at 20 cents per play to cover all those lines

If you like what you see during the demo game, you'll have a better sense of how far your budget might go if you play at the minimum 20-cent spin bet.

Mobile gaming with Roberta's Castle

The game offers a chance to play via a computer, but since it has been around for several years now, it could be more difficult to find at a mobile casino. We still suggest looking though, as we know that many slots from this developer do now have mobile availability even if they didn't before.