Tally Ho Slots

If you fancy playing a slot game that offers a more unusual theme, the Tally Ho slot certainly fits that idea. This is far from a new slot game, so does it possess any of the features you might usually hunt down in a game before you play? We have all the answers laid out for you in our Tally Ho slot game review.

And the developer's name is…

Realtime Gaming, which means you can expect their older format for offering slot game action. There's nothing wrong with this, of course, and indeed there are fans of their older style. You could be one of them.

Practice play is possible in Tally Ho slots

We think this is advisable to choose if you've got any interest in this slot after reading our review, as you can experience it without paying. No prizes either, of course, but you will get plenty of knowledge of what the slot is like.

Theme details for the Tally Ho slot game

It's based around pilots who flew during the war, so if you're a supporter of the Royal Air Force in the UK or you're eager to play something different, this could be the slot you've been looking for.

This design takes to the skies

Now that we know the theme, it would be odd if it didn't, right? The backdrop gives us a view of the sky, and you might spot the odd plane up there too. However, most of the action is on the reels in this game.

Let's find out how to play Tally Ho slots

This is a five-reel game, and you'll spot three icons landing on each as you play. Best of all, the game does include a progressive jackpot, so you can check that out along the way.

All planes need pilots, and we have our own pilot as the wild symbol. The pilot can land on reels two, three, and four, substituting for all except the target icon. This is also known as a roundel, and if you know your planes, you'll know this is see on Royal Air Force planes.

Paylines to look for as you play

Numbers appear to either side of the reels, so you can easily work out how many there are. We'll save you the hassle though by confirming the presence of 20 lines.

Wagers begin at one penny on each line

That's a good starting point, and you can choose coins of greater value too if you like. The most expensive one is worth five dollars, which would generate the largest spin wager of $100. That said, the cheapest coin means you can play from as little as 20 cents.

Paytable details for Tally Ho

As usual, RTG has given us a paytable for this one that gives all the prize details and game features you should know before you get underway. One highlight here though is that the paytable puts you in the plane's cockpit.

Bonus features don't crop up in this one

This follows the format of a standard RTG slot game, although there is still more that we can share with you.

Free spins do appear if you can trigger them

The roundel is key to finding these, and you'll need three or more to get some. It looks like you can pick up a maximum of 25 according to the paytable, although no further details are given there. The game also provides a 3x multiplier to help you along with those prizes.

RTP details might be tricky to find

Most RTG slots do not have a clear return to player value; it appears they might provide a range of options for casinos to use, so it could be one of several.

What's our opinion on the Tally Ho slot game?

It's simple enough and uses a theme we don't often see in slot games. It has a generous batch of free games to hunt down, especially with that big multiplier, but the rest of the game is fine to check out as a standard slot. We'll give this game seven points out of 10.

The biggest winners will be for the progressive jackpot

This won't be among the most popular games from this developer, but the jackpot might still reach a reasonable level. It looks like no more than 1.5% of each real wager goes towards that pot.

Demo play introduces you to the game in style

It's the best way to see whether the Tally Ho theme and format is appealing to you.

Look for the real version to play from 20 cents a go

This may suit your budget but do make sure you check that first as all bets are always final on the real game, just as they are when you're checking out the demo.

Can you play this one on a mobile device?

We'd advise you to check with the casino you intend to play at, given the age of the game. Many older slots from this developer do work just fine on tablets and smartphones, so you may be fortunate with this one as well.