Triple 7 Inferno Slots

Flames, heat, and other hot topics pop up more often than you'd think in lots of online slot games. We came across the Triple 7 Inferno slot the other day, so we checked it out and decided to bring you a full review of it here. If you're eager to learn more about it, don't play before you read our report below. Is this one of the hottest slots you could play online? Let's find out.

Who created the Triple 7 Inferno slot?

We can credit RTG for developing the idea for this one.

Explore the game inside the demo

RTG always gives players the chance to see a demo first, and this is the best way to figure out whether this game is right for you.

Does it possess a hot theme?

Since there are flames everywhere you look in the background of the game, we guess the answer is yes! An inferno is certainly raging, and that's about the measure of this game.

How does the design fare?

The game appears inside a classic one-armed bandit machine - there is even the hint of a background inside a casino to check out. You're going to focus on the game itself though, and that means looking for various elements we're going to mention further on in our review.

How to play the Triple 7 Inferno slot

You may have worked out that this is a three-reel slot game. You'll soon realize there isn't a progressive jackpot in the game. There is no wild, and you won't see any other special icons in action either.

Paylines… or just one?

It's the latter in this game, with the single line marked across the center of the reels.

Play from five cents per coin

You can play up to three coins on each spin in Triple 7 Inferno. You'll see the best prize potential comes from playing two or three coins, so you're limiting the prize chances if you only play five cents per spin. You should find other coin values in play too, although you may wish to stick with the cheapest one and then play three of them on each spin.

You'll easily find the paytable

It sits above the reels in the upper part of the machine design, so you won't have any issues finding it.

No bonus in this game

There's nothing to focus on in this slot, only the base game.

How about a few free spins?

These don't feature either - this is as simple a slot as you'll ever find.

RTP details

These remain under wraps, so we cannot share any information on this topic.

Our rating for Triple 7 Inferno

It's hard to give this any more than a score of 6/10. It plays well as a basic slot game and should appeal to purists in that sense. However, there isn't anything that would grant a bigger score.

How big is the top prize?

If you play three coins and you receive a flaming 7 on each of the three positions on the payline, you'd scoop 1,000x your bet. That's a lot lower than several other three-reel games we've seen.

Play for practice and knowledge first

This is the best way to see if you like the game enough to part with a few cents on each spin.

The real version should appear at RTG casinos online today

One of several three-reel games from RTG, you can expect to find lots of those at all good casinos running on their software.

Does it look good on mobile devices too?

Check it out and see… but we doubt you'll feel disappointed. Android and iOS users are among those who should be able to load this game on their devices.